Best Phone

I have been an Apple boy. I’ve been a Linux and a PC. I’ve used blackberries and countless flips. iOS was king when she came out, but now I have a new favorite… Android running on the Google Pixel 2. It’s just so good.

The details.

I have an awesome case on my phone. Sure this is a phone review, but I love it so much, I had to mention it. I can store my license and 2 cards with ease. It even works as a kickstand and offers more protection for my favorite phone.

The first thing I love about the Pixel 2. The battery life is awesome! I can go days between charges if I haven’t been using my phone extensively, and even then it still lasts through an entire busy day, the rides to and from home,  a handful of phone calls, cooking a big dinner and resting with my family on the couch, browsing Reddit – on my phone. This phone truly goes all day (if you are having issues with your Pixel 2’s battery – it’s likely an app you installed. “Kaspersky Battery Life” app is useful in figuring out which one).

Call clarity is miles beyond my old phone. I’m not entirely sure whether that is my new carrier (Verizon) or that my old phone was a real piece of junk.

The screen on this phone is amazing. Crystal clear and works quite well in bright sun and at night. The best thing about the screen though is that it is an OLED screen. What that means is blacks are truly black! A black pixel emits no light as opposed to LCD screens that emit a black color light. The contrast on the phone is great in all types of light and OLED also cuts down drastically on battery usage

The camera. Fast shutter. Great angle. Crystal pictures. Fun effects – all the same effects available on an iPhone. Takes great pictures.

Speed. This thing is a powerhouse. I am running the 128GB edition, but my girlfriend has the 64 and she’s not had any issues either. It has all the power and memory to play all the latest games. It never lags between switching apps, all core functionality is very responsive. Rarely do I need to reboot the phone. I’ve never had such a unifying phone that just works well like this phone does.

Storage. With the cloud, storage space is becoming less important, but I still always opt for the most space. Simply put, computers (your phone is a computer) work better when they are using less than (very roughly) 50% of their available drive space. I want a high performance phone, so I opted for double the space.

The size. I’m glad I didn’t get the XL. The regular Pixel 2 fits my hands quite well. With one of Android’s latest features – being able to split the screen – I now have all the space I need to multitask. Split-screen is a little clunky still (new tech always is) but it’s already made great strides.

Widgets. My phone is running probably 50 or so widgets and an active desktop. It just feels and looks so cool. And all these widgets don’t eat my battery (make sure you disable notifications for apps that don’t really need it – seriously, does your diary app really need notifications?)

This phone is great. I highly recommend it.